Monday, November 05, 2012

Setting up a Schedule

I decided that the best way of getting more short stories published was to treat my writing as more as a business. At my “real job” I have goals set for me by the company administration. I translate these goals into specific tasks the people that report to me have to do. I track progress, I have an eye on the “bottom line.”

For my writing, I’ve given myself a production schedule. Monday through Friday, I work on whatever writing project is before me. Saturday, I write my blog entry and upload it. Sunday is Submission Day. Whatever story I have ready to go is sent out. Every Sunday I am scheduled to make at least one submission.

I’ve sent out two stories in the last two weeks this way. That’s better than what I’ve done in the previous two months (or more). One of the stories already came back from the editor I sent it to. I need to look at that as part of the process.

At least I already know I’ll have a story available for submission this coming Sunday.


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