Thursday, August 07, 2014

A Damn Good Limerick

One of the places I've stayed in during my England tour is a place called Ruthin Castle.  It is a castle that was built in the 13th century that's been converted into a hotel.  
During our stay, the staff put on a "Medieval Banquet" for us.  They dressed in period costume, sang songs, played music and feed us what they said were traditional welsh recipes.  You can see some pictures I took here.
Part of the evening was a limerick contest amongst the guests, the other members of the pre-WorldCon tour.  We were handed a sheet of paper with the first line of the limerick, "A Knight whose wife was a witch..."  We were expected to supply the rest.  
Well, I took the competition pretty seriously.  I wrote a slew of words that rhymed with "witch," plus a list of other words that rhymed with each other that I might use.  Hex, sex, rex...  Spell, quell, dell..  Then I concentrated on working out a limerick.  
I concentrated so much, I missed the instruction to turn them in for review.  I still had my piece of paper when they read off some samples of what had been turned in and then read the one they, the staff that performed for us, chose as the winner.  
I was pretty bummed out.  I wanted the chance of having my limerick win the evening.  They awarded the one they did pick a peacock quill.  Very poetic.  
But I still have the limerick and I've decided to share it with you.  It is, I think, a damn good limerick.  I hope you enjoy it.
And, trust me, had it been in the competition, it would have won.
A Knight whose wife was a witch
Did dally with a maid from Ipswich.
The wife cast a spell
And on the stroke of a bell
He was struck with perpetual crotch itch.  
The End.


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