Saturday, December 05, 2015

僕の翻訳/My Translation

As I've mentioned before, I am reading the novel, "If Cats Disappeared from the World," by Genki Kawamura.  At this point, I have read up to page 125.  
My way of reading this book is to read two pages at a time, study the kanji on those two pages, and then read the pages again and again until I can read them aloud without forgetting a word with clear understanding.  
Unfortunately, pages 124 and 125 seem to have some subtleties that make me think I'm not quite understanding them correctly.  Therefore, I've decided to translate these two pages here, in my blog, paragraph by paragraph, writing down what is as close to the best translation I can come up with.  
Without any further delay, here is my translation.  Please give me any corrections you think are needed. 
It's been over four years since I last met my dad.  But even with that, I had no doubt that, in that tiny corner of that tiny town, in that tiny shop of his, he continued to repair watches.  
If clocks had been made to vanish from the world, then shops like his were no longer necessary.  That tiny shop.  His work.  Both no longer needed.  When I thought about that, what I had done, a pang could be felt in my chest.
But, were clocks really gone from the world.  I suddenly couldn't believe it.  I looked around me.  My wristwatch that I always wore was certainly gone.  And I couldn't find the small alarm clock that should be in the room.  Like with cell phones the day before, their existence was being diverted from my subconsciousness.  It sure looked like they were gone.
Being thrown into a space where there were no clocks, I noticed that my sense of time had disappeared.  Right now, from how I was feeling, I could tell it was morning.  From the sense that I had more or less overslept, I guessed it was about 11 AM.  But, even though the TV was on, there was no time display, and my cell phone was already gone too.  I really couldn't tell what time it was.
What it the world, though, would you call what I was feeling.  Up until now, the things disappeared from the world were completely different.  Except for what I guess you'd call guilt in regards to my father, there had been no pain, no distress.  Even saying that, there had to be some sort of influences.  Because it could be said that the world moves by time, I tried to expand the range of my imagination.
For sure, the school, big corporations, trains, things like that, would probably be thrown into pandemonium.  Definitely, the world's stock markets would be in a state of panic.  The risk of over boiling your cup of ramen would haunt you (estimating 3 minutes is really hard!) and you couldn't run the 100 meter dash in the Olympics.  And Ultraman, he wouldn't be able to know when he needed to return to outer space (those difficult 3 minutes again!). 
But...  What would it be?  What would you call this influence on a personal level?  It felt like, in some small portion, I could come to think that clocks, and the time attending on them, had entirely no connection to me living alone (with a cat).
"It makes one wonder why something like clocks even exist, huh?"
I put this question to Aloha (the Devil). 
"That's a good question.  But you see, in the first place, before there were clocks, something like time only existed inside human beings."
"Hmm?  What do you mean by that?  I don't get it..." 
I was bewildered by Aloha's unexpected statement.  He continued.  
You see, something like time is a rule humans decided on for their own convenience. 


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