Sunday, January 09, 2005


An experiment begins...

I've heard about 'blogging and live journals in the past, and have been intrigued with them for some time. With their growing influence in the politcal arena, a desire to attract a wider audience to my work, and a growing need to increase the range and depth of my personal communication with others, I decided to stick my toe into the water and see how this works for myself.

The intial primary focus of this 'blog will be my creative writing. I am a published science fiction and comic book writer. More information about my work can be found on my website:

But I don't want to limit this forum to just being a place where I'd post announcements of about my work. There is a lot happening in the world today. There is a lot that I would like to see happen, and a lot more that I would like to prevent from happening. This new years finds me wanting to find (or form) new communities to join. Hopefully, this outlet will help.

More Later...