Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From Rising Star to Shining Star...?

Since manga story I wrote won "Best Horror" in TokyoPop's 2007 Rising Stars of Manga competition, we've been working on our pitch to them to turn it into its own graphic novel. During this process, TokyoPop has started a new program which they are going to call the Shning Stars Pilot program.

What they plan on doing is commission short pieces, 24 to 30 pages, about the length of a short story or opening chapter of a graphic novel, and posting them on a special page on their website. Readers will be given the chance to comment on this "pilot" (the same concept as with a TV show) and if the response is good enough, the creators will be offered a book deal.

William and I have been asked to consider participating in this pilot program. I've finished a rough draft for what would be the pilot and sent it to William. I'll post more information about where we stand as it comes.