Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nihon e yokoso

I made it to Japan. On the first day, I only had the chance to take one picture, which is the sign you see after coming down the end of the debarkation ramp at Narita Airport. The flight went really well, smoother than most domestic flights I've been on.

I'm already noticing some differences between our culture and Japan's during the flight. First, before we took off, every one of the Japanese passengers got a newspaper or magazine and started to read. The entire cabln was filled with open newspapers like sails in a harbor at the turn of the century. I also noticed that the Japanese passengers around me all took off their shoes after they got to their seats. The cigar/cigarette cart that was wheeled down the aisle was another surprise.

So far, everything has gone quickly and efficiently. I'll try to have more interesting pictures with the next posting.



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