Saturday, May 09, 2015

MOre Pieces tO the PUzzLe

I need to be more careful.  They might be on to me. 
There have been a number of developments this week in the revelation I've been experiencing about the "True Nature" of the world around me, ever since I unblocked the rear door of my apartment and allowed the spiritual energy to flow freely.  
I've been warned.  Chased away.  Received strange phone calls.  And see towering fountains of water, akin to the pillars of smoke that lead Moses through the Sinai desert.  Such signs can only be ignored at one's peril.  
It started with a realization as to how I was able to see the Japanese Vampire a couple of weeks ago.  The modern science of optometry gave me the answer.  
I've written in this blog before about an eye condition I have called Kerartoconus.  It's a condition that stems from a cornea that's thinner that a normal person's eye, causing it to bulge forward in a cone shape.  Last year I got special lenses, with curves cut into the interior face that sits against my eye.  These curves allow the lens to match the shape of my badly formed cornea, allowing the lens to correct my vision.  
One thing the doctor told me when I was going through the treatment (a series of hard lens designed to reshape my cornea, followed by a permanent pair to act as a retainer for the new shape) was that I was going to need a pair of sunglasses to go with my new lenses.  By correcting my eyes focus, more light than I was used to was now going to reach my retina.  Indeed, one of the things I've noticed since I started wearing my lenses full time is how much brighter things have seen.  Even on cloudy days, I can find myself squinting against the glare.  And at night...
At night...  I can see much better than before...  
Of course!  Swap!  (That was the sound of me slapping my forehead with the palm of my hand).  The combination of the increased energy flow after unblocking my door in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui, and the increased amount of light being gathered by my retina with my new lenses, are what allowed me to see the Japanese vampire, despite her efforts to bend the light in the store around her to make herself invisible.  
As it always does, science provides a rational explanation.  
Unfortunately, there are people out there that won't allow reason to be their guide.  
I heard a story on the radio about a group of people that believe the Federal Government is about to launch an invasion of the states of Texas, Utah and other bastions of conservatism in this country.  They point to a joint military exercise that the pentagon has planned in order to exercises the armed forces ability to react across a wide region.  The exercise is called Jade Helm 15.  It will take place over a seven state area in the southwestern part of the United States.  
There are arch-conservative groups that say the real plan is to institute martial law in those areas not compliant enough with the wishes of the current federal administration.  They point to maps released in news briefings about the plan where Texas, and its cousin to the northwest, Utah, are colored red and marked as "enemy" territory.  Other people have passed on rumors about other people talking to other people WHO HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN empty train cars with shackles attached to their walls being hauled to the Texas border, with the "clear" intent of keeping prisoner anyone who resists this take-over.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott even took the step of mobilizing units of the Texas National to have them "monitor" federal troops participating in this so-called exercise.  
Now, at first glance this seemed ludicrous to me.  If for no other reason than the fact that the ranks of the United States military are filled with conservative people who would not willingly participate in such an exercise.  But, as with my realization over my ability to see vampires trying to become invisible, it only takes the correct combination of facts to gain clarity on a topic.  
In same blog posting where I informed you about the Japanese lady vampire I saw, I mentioned another encounter.  This was with a transient that was rooting through the trash at a gas station where I was filling up my car.  He was telling me about a giant laser the federal government uses to shoot down alien spacecraft trying to land on our planet.  Thirty billion dollars a pop, he told me, to shoot down one alien ship with this giant laser.  And they're firing it ALL THE TIME, he said, pointing at the night sky.  Pop, pop, pop!  
This week, I wondered, "What if one of those thirty billion shots into space...  Missed?" 
Are you feeling a cold chill crawl up your back on claws that evolved on another planet far, far away?  
The invasion of Texas is real.  But it's not coming from the federal government.  It's coming from space.  The aliens, dodging the 30 billion pop-pop-pops from our giant laser, have landed and established bases in our country.  In Texas, where NASA has one of its command and control center in the city of Houston.  And in Utah, where...  Uh...  There's...  Lots of empty spaces to hide.  Yeah.  They have built their bases and have very likely began infiltrating human society.  They have been spreading disbelief in human-caused climate change and in evolution as part of a campaign to discredit scientific inquiry, our best weapon against them.  The federal plan, Jade Helm 15, isn't an effort to impose martial law on American citizens.  It was a plan to capture the alien commanders on the ground and restore human control of these areas.  
Now that plan has been revealed, I'm sure the military will have to scale down their plans, lest panic amongst the people take the alien subterfuge as true.  
There is only one problem.  I may be able to spot a vampire through their spell of invisibility.  But how do I spot an alien invader disguised as a human?  
I think...  I hope...  There is someone out there trying to warning me.  
I started getting calls from a strange number.  It was an alien...  Uh, I meant, "foreign" number.  The country code was 504.  I didn't recognize this number and sent the call to voice mail.  
The person called back.  I sent it to voice mail again.  They called back.  Again.  And again.  And again!  
I got the idea that it might be someone from my Japanese language group.  Someone using their Japanese cell phone that needed help.  With this thought in mind, I answered the call the next time it came in.  
"Hello?"  I resisted the urge to say, "moshi, moshi," what Japanese use when answering the phone.  
"Namaumu Gerubu Nandawanda mumble-mumble-mumble..."  
"Huh?  Hello?  This is Erick Melton's phone.  Are you trying to reach me?"  I strained to listen.  Someone was speaking, but it sounded like they were standing ten feet from the phone.  They kept rambling on and on.  I wondered if they were speaking to someone else.  That was the tone.  
"Do...  You understand English?"  
"Mumble-rumble, namba-mamabe hoorumooruu..." 
"Ok.  I think...  I think you have the wrong number..."  
"OK, OK..."  They were insistent.  What they said was important!  They wanted me to understand.  But...  "I don't know what you're saying.  I think you've got the wrong person.  I'm hanging up now."  
I thumbed the red button to cut them off.  They called back a moment later.  I killed that call.  And the next one that followed.  And the next.  And the next.  
I looked up the country code.  It's for Honduras.  It's near where my mom's family comes from, Belize.  But I don't know any one there.  
When the calls wouldn't stop, I blocked the number.  They changed to another phone number from Honduras.  I blocked that one, too.  And the next two numbers they changed to after that.  
It was a weird creepy phone call.  But then, since I unblocked the door, weird, creepy things have been happening.  The next day, looking up stuff on line, I saw they have "shamanistic tours" to Central America.  Could it be that some shaman in Honduras, had a vision of the danger I was in, and tried to call and warn me while in the midst of his vision.  It wasn't Spanish the voice was speaking.  Not Japanese either. 
Today, just in case, I went to unblock those numbers.  And...  They were...  ALREADY...  Unblocked.  
I need to hide what I know.  I'm not good at hiding my feelings.  People can tell when I'm angry, when I don't want to do something, when I'm pissed off.  I need to be careful.  I need to be stronger and more prepared for...  Whatever is coming.  
Hopefully soon, I'll be strong enough, and brave enough, to stand up against the forces of darkness that surround me.  Until then, I need to keep quiet, mind my business, keep my eyes and ears open, and not let my enemies know that I know that they are there.  
I am the only member of my own underground movement.  A spiritual warrior that has to hide his light.  
For now. 


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