Thursday, August 30, 2007

Convention Time

It's a few days since my last post. Internet access for my laptop has been more difficult to come by than I expected. I'm in Yokohama now at WorldCon. I missed most of the first day because of travel, but I'm registered and settled into my hotel and ready for the next part of my trip.

I absolutely LOVED the tour I went on. Every day brought something interesting, fun, new, awesome and/or exciting to experience. One of the places we visited was the Byodoin Temple in Nara, the oldest former capital of Japan. The temple is a huge wooden structure that seems to bear the weight of history on his roof. And the Buddha is an incredible thing to see. One feels almost like a mouse creeping through a hole into Heaven's house.

My plans now are to post some of the highlight photos over the next couple of days, and then set up one of those photo websites to post the rest. It'll need to be a big website, though, since I have over 500 pictures taken already.

More later.



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