Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gagaku Update

Work is proceeding on the "Shining Stars" pilot of Gagaku Berceuse for TokyoPop. We've turned in our project outline and a thumbnail script for review and are now making revisions to the thumbnail script. The response from the editor to the project outline was very positive. She said, "we managed to cover all the bases" in our pilot. Very encouraging.

Also, when it is published on TokyoPop's website, the story will be going by a different name. The feedback from the editor was that "Gagaku Berceuse" was a bit too difficult to say, and that 'Berceuse' was a word most people would understand without going to a dictionary (it's French for lullaby, by the way). When the new name is finalized I'll post it here.

With the script in hands of my partner, William Ruzicka, I've had some time to work on fiction. I'm working on a story with the working title "Trash Miners." It is set in a future universe I'm creating where I plan to set all my stories from now on. I've been applying the lessons I've learned from writing comic book scripts to the process of writing prose and I'm pleased with the results. The need to make revisions to the Gagaku thumbnail script pushed my schedule back, but I should be able to submit 'Trash Miners' shortly.

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