Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fanboys, Cosplay & Robot Dogs

It was the chance to come to my first WorldCon that prompted me to make the trip to Japan. WorldCon is short for the World Science Fiction Convention in case you didn't know that. It's where the Hugo Awards are given out each year.

It's a relatively small convention compared to ComicCon, the convention I more routinely go to, with only about 3,000 to 4,000 people attending. Unlike ComicCon, WorldCon focuses almost exclusively on the literature of Science Fiction and doesn't range far from the books that form the basis of the genre, and the writers that create them. I came to WorldCon to reconnect with the genre, and so far the experience has been great.

Like any convention based on speculative fiction, there are certain things you come to expect. One are cosplayers, fans that show their love of the genre by dressing up as their favorite characters (or in the case of the little girl above dressed as Princess Mononoke, getting dressed up by their parents). There is also a fair share of gadgets, both weird and cool. The robot dog pictured in this blog would follow the ball when it was rolled and would sit up and wave a paw after it had caught it.

What else can I say? These are my people.



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