Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic-Con 2009 - Day One

Back once more in San Diego. I did the math yesterday. This is my 12th Comic-Con in a row, and my 10th in a row as a registered professional. Happy Anniversary to me! When I first came to the convention back in 1997, about 40,000 people came with me to enjoy a long weekend of geeky fun. Last year they estimate that 126,000 people came over the same time period, visiting a convention center that is literally twice as big as it was before.

One of the things I've enjoyed most about the convention is going to the panels. On the first official day I went to three:

Science Fiction That Will Change Your Life -A panel run by the staff of talked about science fiction that they've encountered in the last year (from books, comics, movies or television) that 'blew their minds.' Got some titles I hadn't read or seen yet. I'll be checking some of them out.

J. Michael Straczynski: Professional Writing -The creator of Babylon 5 and one time writer for The Amazing Spiderman. It's always a pleasure to hear him talk about writing. Listening to him recharges my desire to keep working on my stuff and getting it out there. Even a touch of laryngitis couldn't slow him down.

Mad Science: The Science behind Science Fiction -Sponsored by the National Academy of Science's Science and Entertainment Exchange. A panel consisting of the writers/creators of the TV shows Eureka, Fringe and Caprica, as well as the scientists that work as the science advisors for those shows. Very interesting and informative. I enjoyed listening to a group of writers talk about the ideas that form the basis of their stories, especially when they are concerned about getting the science right. I'm going to make a point of watching these shows to see what they are like.

There was a rumor that Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance, but I didn't see him nor the crowd that would have formed. I was probably too busy fighting my way through another crowd.


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